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In questa pagina sono riportati i commenti e i ringraziamenti di alcuni atleti professionisti con i quali ho avuto il piacere di collaborare.


Big thanks and best luck to these amazing athletes

Mati Schmitt


I had the pleasure of working with Marco multiple times during the last few years. Marco provided group training sessions focused on stretching, warm-up and cool-down exercises, which were not only beneficial to individual athletes but also helped strengthen our team dynamics. Also, Marco provided individualized treatment to athletes, addressing specific issues and ailments with great success.
I highly recommend Marco’s services to any teams looking to improve their performance and overall well-being. His commitment to his clients and his knowledge of sports science make him an invaluable asset to any athlete or team looking to take their game to the next level.


Nicola Liviero


It was my first time working with Marco and my first impression was more than positive.
Feeling sore after many days of travelling and training, he helped me to be back on the board feeling definitely better.
I’ve also appreciated the fact that he showed me some really useful exercises that can help me in order to take care of myself.


Jaime Castro


Dott. Marco was very kind to me and my team during Winter season 2021/2022 in Livigno. He was professional and helpful.
Due to a crash, my neck was blocked and sore, but after his treatments it quickly returned to full shape & performance.


Elisa Nakab


I am very happy to have worked with Marco. Not only is he able to take care of my injuries, but he explains the reasons for the treatment every time and suggests new exercises for my routine. I always leave his office in excellent physical condition and having learned something new. Always available and very kind. Thank you Marco.


Emil Zulian


Marco gave me a quick treatment before a slopestyle Europa Cup event in Livigno in March 2023. I felt a good benefit, especially on the sole of my foot, which was a great help in being able to do a good race run.


Sisko Dude


Marco was a great help in resolving the shoulder pain that was compromising the quantity and quality of my workouts. After just one treatment, I felt the benefits, and thanks to the exercises he taught me, I kept on improving. In the long run, his exercises proved to be useful and beneficial for the entire body, helping me feel in great physical shape.


Ernesto Dellatorre


I had the opportunity to be treated by Marco a couple of times during winter 2023 when i had several muscleknots. With simple exercises targeted at the problem, I was able to quickly rcover and regain the mobility needed to give me a good feeling on the board.


Nicola Galli


It has been two seasons now that I have enjoyed working with Marco. I have found him to be an excellent osteopath, and a genuinely good person – always available to help me. He provides tailored advice to suit my physical and mental needs. I hope to be lucky enough to have Marco by my side throughout the season for his excellent support.


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