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I was honoured to work from August 24th to 28th with the Zurich VZW Diving Team.

Coach Saeid and Elite team athletes and Diving Club members welcomed me with enthusiasm.
We shared many hours together, with discipline and interest, practising and learning useful exercises to improve dives both functionally and aesthetically, and to fix individual athletes’ postural issues.
I was pleased to work with high diving professionals like Constantin Popovici, Matthias Appenzeller and Jan Wermelinger, who regularly train with VZW in view of future high diving seasons.

To me it was a precious and very positive experience; it was a genuine pleasure to spend quality time with strong and committed professional athletes, meticulous in their practice and interested in learning a new approach to the body aimed at improving their performance level.
Special thanks to coach Saeid for his positive attitude towards Diving Project – MoreAndBetter.
My best Thank You for trusting me and for your collaboration.

Letter from coach Saeid



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