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More and Better accepts the invitation from athlete Jessica Macaulay to present Diving Project at the A&M University in Texas where she and an international team of divers prepare for the next Tokyo 2020 Olympics under the guidance of renowned coaches Wendy and Jay Lerew.

In November 2019,  it has been a pleasure to work for 3 weeks in an atmosphere of friendship  alongside world-renowned athletes and coaches.

At each training session each athlete had a moment dedicated to the stretching practice illustrated in the DIVING PROJECT.

The results were immediately observed and appreciated.

We reluctantly said goodbye with the promise to see us again soon.

I thank coach and athletes for welcoming me and making me feel part of the team.

Lettera dalla coach Wendy Lerew



Big thanks and best luck for these amazing athletes

AtletaJessica Macaulay


I have worked with marco many times over the past few years. He has helped me make adjustment in my training to feel well prepared for competitions.
I always feel more mobile and confident after treatment.
I have a lot of trust in Marco, because he is well educated and has his clients best interests in mind.


AtletaTyler Henshel


My time with Marco when he came to visit late last year in 2019, at Texas A&M University, was a remarkably experience. During that timeframe I was gearing up for my Nationals to qualify for World Cup, in Japan. When I begun working with Marco, my shoulder flexibility was limited due to a recent shoulder surgery. With 4 weeks of work on my shoulder we had managed to increase the flexibility by a substantial amount. I was so happy about this because by the time I had gone to Nationals, my shoulder was in the best shape in years. I came out of Nationals with a new Personal Best and secured my roster spot for World Cup


AtletaAlais Kalonji


During his interventtion at texas A&M University, Marco changed my approach to stretching at a time where i was in training for the tokyo 2020 olympics
As a 10m platform diver, i struggled with shoulder tendinitis and marco showed me different self-care and self-maintenance execices that helped me regain great mobility and flexability in my shoulders.


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